Hand Engraved Creations

The Art of Hand Engraving: A Personal Passion

Hand engraving is more than just a technique to us; it’s a form of art, a passion that’s been with us for years. It’s a skill that seems almost lost in today’s fast-paced world, but it’s something we cherish deeply. We believe that the perfect engraving pattern can transform a piece of jewellery, adding an extra layer of beauty and intricacy. This is why we always look for new patterns and designs that can complement and enhance our fine gemstone creations.

Christian’s journey with hand engraving began during his last year at Les Arts D√©coratifs in Geneva. It was there that he had the incredible opportunity to learn the traditional technique of hand push engraving from a master goldsmith engraver. This experience was more than just learning a skill; it was about embracing a legacy. Even now, Christian still uses some of the gravers from that time, each tool holding its own story.

Today, hand engraving has become an integral part of our craft, especially with the resurgence of yellow gold and the desire for rich, intricate designs in our collections. It’s a meticulous process, where every stroke of the graver is deliberate and precise, ensuring that each piece we create is not just jewellery, but a work of art. We’re excited to keep this beautiful art form alive and share it with you through our unique, handcrafted pieces.

Christian Hasler & Helen Kim Creations

Designed and handcrafted in Toronto

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